Carta 2017


  • Fresh salad with marinated salmon and avocado sauce                        
  • Shrimp, mussel  and mushroom "Ravioli"                         
  • "Ratatouille" à la minorquine  with D.O.* cheese                    
  • Cured ham "Risotto" with truffle essence                        
  • Spinach salad  with Moutarde vinaigrette and duck  ham                                        
  • "Oliaigu diferent"  Binigaus Vell, menorcan tomatoe and vegetable soup                         



  • Grilled Sirloin of beef with "Foie"                         
  • Lean  iberian pork fillet  with "Amaretto" and sauté vegetables                                    
  • Suckling pig confit at 65ºC with crispy skin and applesauce                                            
  • Roasted duck magret with grapes                        
  • Free-range chicken with king prawns                        
  • Lamb ribs with home made French fries and vegetables                        



  • Black crusted cod in green sauce                        
  • "Red tuna fishTataki" * and langoustine brochette with sesame and soya                                                       
  • Octopus legs with red pepper "Parmentier"                        
  • Grilled scorpion fish with garnish  
  • Scallops in its coral sauce with "cassée" tomatoe and potatoe confit      
  • Sautéed squid , olive "pâté" and artichokes                        



  • "Mascarpone" cheese cake with raspberry ice cream and tartare fruits in season    
  • Pumkin and orange cream with chocolate "Financiers" and yogurt ice cream                    
  • Vanilla flavoured "Pannacotta" with passion fruit  purée and fresh fruits        
  • Dark chocolate Brownie with coffee cream            
  • "Tortada", menorcan almond cake, with orange cream and vanilla ice cream                        




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