At times, the beauty of the place appears to be absolutely untouched. The surrounding area of the Hotel Binigaus Vell is one of the most marvellous delights of nature which guests simply have to venture out and see. Getting to Binigaus, a magical spell-binding place, is not at all difficult.

A good road leads from attractive village of Es Migjorn Gran to the Sant Tomàs beach, and once there, the coastal road is followed west to get to the hotel, right in the heart of one of Minorca's designated Areas of Special Natural Interest.

The ravine of Binigaus, on the eastern limit of an Area of Special Natural Interest is home to one of the most important caves in the entire region, known as the cova de na Polida, which was used in olden times as source of marble, and also of the Cave of the Doves -

Cova des Coloms, also known as the <i>Cathedral</i> due to its spectacularly 80- foot high roof.


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