Camí de Cavalls

Supposedly, its origins date back to the 14th century, following the reconquest of Minorca by the king of Aragon, Alfonso III. Historians believe that horses already played an important role in the defence of the island, linked to the Cami de Cavalls skirting the coast. During the 18th century, under British rule, it became am essential communication network around the island, to defend it from both Moorish incursions and European invasions.  The cami de Cavalls allowed the local and military authorities an effective surveillance of the coast and easy maintenance of the watch-towers and other military installations. Today, the route is open for the entire 200km perimeter of Minorca, a surprising distance given the small size of the island. The trail is very dear to the Minorcan people since, apart from its historic value, it has great ecological, environmental and scientific importance; allowing one to discover varied landscapes and returning once again to its origins, a major horse trail.