Carta 2018



Salad with quinoa , pumpkin, "guacamole" and prawns


"Ricotta ravioli" with spinachs béchamel and cashew nuts


"Brandada": cod purée with pepper mousse, potatoe foam and "tapenade"


"Oliaigu diferent" Binigaus Vell, menorcan tomatoe and vegetable soup


Creamy rice with "cuixot", artichokes and mushrooms


Millefeuille of grilled vegetables with D.O.*cheese




Grilled Sirloin of beef with vegetables garnish and sauce to the taste


Suckling lamb shoulder with roast potatoes


Free-range chicken with prawns


Slow roast crispy suckling pig served with glazed potatoes and grapes


 Iberian pork shoulder to the "Amaretto"




Salmon suprême with mustard and honey sauce served with potatoes confit


Cod fillet confit with pumpkin cream and crispy spanish ham


Sautéed baby squid with mushrooms "risotto"


Lukewarm tunna cube with sesame, spinachs and "Teriyaki" sauce


Fried turbot with "Parmentier"




"Tiramisú" Binigaus Vell : "Mascarpone" cream, chocolate shavings , "Amaretto" gelatin and coffee ice cream


"Tortada", menorcan almond cake with apple sorbet


"Cosmopolitan": red berries soup, "Vodka" and orange jelly, with lime foam


Cottage cheese cake with honey, walnuts and cinnamon ice cream


"Chocolate ""Soufflé"" and mint custard