The trail of the ravines

The meeting point will be the stables of Hotel rural Binigaus Vell.  On today’s trip we will pass through the major ravines of the island: Algendar, Trebalúger and Albranca.  Owing to the streams that flow through the ravines, in many stretches of the cami de cavalls we need to leave the coast and venture inland to avoid the precipitous slopes caused by these vertical cuts. In the morning, we will leave the cami de cavalls briefly to visit some of the most beautiful, wild and difficult to reach beaches: Escorxada, Fustam y Trebalúger. Later on, we will reach the beach of Cala Mitjana for lunch. Then, we will return to the stables of San Adeodato via the inland route of the Camí de Cavalls.


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