Menu 2017


Fresh salad with shrimps and soya "vinaigrette"

Fish and seafood "Ravioli" with pumkin béchamel

Millefeuille of grilled vegetables with D.O.* cheese

Boletus mushroom Risotto

Grandma's stuffed courgette

Oliaigu" (vegetables soup) in saison fruits tartar


Grilled Sirloin of veal and sauce to the taste:  D.O.*cheese sauce, wild mushrooms or Porto sauce

Suckling Pig confit at 65ºC and garnish

"See and Mountain":  free-range chicken with prawns

Lamb ribs with home made French fries and vegetables

Duck's confit with mashed potatoe, leek and grapes

Tender veal cheek with sauce


Cod fish with "Risotto"

Roasted split Angler Fish and   "Tapenade"

Octopus Legs with garlic sauce

Stuffed squid with onions, pine nuts and foie

Grilled meagre with vegetables

Red tuna fisch with avocado and mango


"Mojito" Binigaus Vell: olive oil flavoured sponge cake with mint soup and lemon sorbet

"Tortada" menorcan style almond cake with orange cream and vanilla ice cream

Carrot cake with chocolate sauce, nuts and yogurt ice cream

Dark chocolate Brownie with mint ice cream

White chocolate and yogurt soup with red berry


D.O.* Certificate of origin Mahón-Menorca

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