Contacto Hotel Binigaus Vell

Camí de sa mala garba Km. 0,9
07749 Es Migjorn Gran. Illes Balears. España

Teléfono: (34) 971 05 40 50



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A small Oasis Within a big island

The hotel is secluded from everything, but the position in the center of the island, make it accessible to a plenty of experiences the island has to offer. The environment that surrounds the Hotel Binigaus Vell is a small oasis of nature. Accessible from the charming town of Es Migjorn Gran untill you reach the area, nestled within a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI).

The Binigaus ravine, on the eastern limit of the ANEI Me-13, contains some of the most important caves in the entire region, such as the ‘cova de na Polida’, which was formerly used for the extraction of marble, or ‘la Cova des Coloms’, also known as’ The Cathedral ‘, for the spectacular height of its ceiling -24 meters.

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Menorca on a boat

If you want to discover the real richness of the calas and beaches of our island, one of the best options is explore Menorca from another perspective. Live a memorable experience discovering Menorca from the sea.


Visit the cheese cellar of the best Artisan cheese Mahón -Menorca

The process of making artisan cheese Mahón has been unchanged for a long time, and respecting very ancient practices. An ancestral set of techniques that has been transmitted from father to son, and its correct application defines and originates the authentic Mahón-Menorca cheese.

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